Sales Development

New School Sales Coaching
The last thing you need is another training solutions provider pitching a revolutionary selling or coaching tool. We get it. But until now, most coaching opportunities have been characterized by lagging indicators and focused solely on improving sales numbers – rather than addressing the root cause behavioral changes that are needed to close sales. It's like driving your business through the rear view mirror.
Most managers believe they are good coaches, and most have the capacity to be good coaches. Unfortunately, when you listen to their conversations with the sales team you quickly realize most managers aren't providing good coaching. In most conversations, sales managers are pointing out the performance gaps of their people but doing little if anything to impact the underlying skill and knowledge that is causing these performance gaps. Is this because they don't care, is it because they aren't interested in coaching? Absolutely not. The reality is that most managers want to be good coaches and most sellers want to receive useful feedback. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that keep managers from having productive coaching conversations.
TTS Sales Ongoing Coaching addresses these obstacles and allows you to turn sales managers into sales coaches and sales people into sales champion.

 Foundational Selling

Individuals new to the sales profession need a strong foundation of skills, knowledge, and tools to help them build strong customer relationships. They need to learn how to build trust with customers, discover customer needs, and negotiate for win-win outcomes, all to maximize their sales performance and strengthen customer success. Specifically, we can help them learn how to:

  • Use an effective sales process to manage a sale from initial contact to closing
  • Build relationships through trust and credibility
  • Adapt with versatility to individual interpersonal styles
  • Discover customer needs and connect with the right offering
  • Negotiate effectively and strengthen relationships with customers

Our Approach to Sales Development

The buying landscape has changed, and salespeople must change the way they approach it. Today's customers...

  • Have shopped around and have gathered information about the competition
  • Expect salespeople to already know about their business, industry, and market.
  • Demand that the salesperson justify the purchase in terms meaningful to the customer.

To be successful in this environment, salespeople must become experts in their customers' businesses, function as problem solvers, and think more about the customer's buying process and less about their own sales process.
Aligning your sales process to the new customer buying process
Today, customers have more control of the buying process. 
This is a significant change in how buyers buy and requires an equally significant change in how sellers sell.

Traditional Sales Process Approach


New Buyer-Driven Approach

    The sales process was driven by the seller.

    Today, the buyer is in charge of the sale.

    Salespeople prospected and identified needs.

    The buyer identifies potential vendors and researches options on their own.

    Salespeople proposed solutions and closed the sale.

    The buyer defines criteria and finds who best matches these criteria.

    Salespeople found key decision makers and sold to them.

    Then new buyer is not looking to be “sold”. They are looking for us to guide them to into a buying solution that fits their needs