about us

Sales Force Development
TTS is redefining sales training and sales performance management, as you know it. Effective sales training isn't an event—it's a process. It’s a proven fact that sales training events do not deliver on the promise with 80% of what is taught being forgotten within 30 days. Since pets get trained and people learn, we integrate sales training with sales tools to create an environment for continuous learning and improvement.
A New Breed of Sales Performance Company
TTS is different from every other sales development company you have encountered. For starters, we believe that sales is an honorable calling, a service-driven profession that gives customers the information they need to make the best possible buying decisions.
The TTS Difference
At TTS, we see ourselves as sales scientists. Obsessive by nature, we are uncompromising, detail-oriented and committed to reintroducing a sense of craftsmanship to sales organizations in which traditional training models no longer deliver the real world learning it takes to compete in today's marketplace.
Sales is broken. But it doesn't have to stay that way. TTS Sales Force Development solutions provide the tools and training you need to get your sales program back on track, creating the kind of sales force you’ve always dreamed about offering your customers.
The result is an innovative and relevant approach to sales force development that dramatically increases the ROI of your sales training investments.